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At DiskDoctor Data Recovery, we have been rescuing data from failed drives & RAID servers... and that means you will be served by most reliable and well rounded company equipped with two decades of experience and knowledge base, always ready to tackle complex problems head on.

We have seen everything that could go wrong with any type of RAID Server... and have the remedies to fix the problems... to regain valuable data in record time.

You can rest easy knowing you're dealing with an industry leader that's been routinely rescuing lives... jobs... and entire businesses from devastating data losses.

What Can We Do For You?

When individuals and enterprise users need a reliable, fast, technologically advanced, and yet affordable data recovery solutions; they have chosen "DISK DOCTORS" repeatedly.

Being a manufacture of dozens of highly sophisticated data recovery utilities used successfully by thousands of geeks, techies and data recovery companies around the globe clearly demonstrates our ability to outperform 99% of the data recovery companies and so called experts who rely mostly off the shelf data recovery tools manufactured mostly by us or few others.

Our R&D in this area is the key that keeps our data recovery service department ahead of the curve. We deploy number of secret techniques in our recovery labs developed solely for in-house use to address even those rare problems about which 99% of data recovery companies have no solution, giving us unique advantage over competition.

We can restore RAIDs where others fail with ease... by deploying two decades of data recovery experience... deep knowledge of extremely effective yet highly guarded data recovery techniques... faster than most... and yet at extremely competitive price."

We have successfully saved thousands of businesses from complete ruin by restoring their valuable data that they thought was lost forever. We can do same for you. By working with DISK DOCTORS you not only increase your odds of actually getting your data recovered many folds, but also get it done lot faster and yet at unbeatable price.

All RAIDs Are Bound To Crash:

RAID may be considered wrongly as fault tolerant, however is not immune to data loss. The only best way to deal with RAID failure successfully is to call a professional Data Recovery Company with proven track record.

Our RAID Recovery Team at DiskDoctor Data Recovery specializes in data recovery for every available RAID array type in the market including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and can handle other non conventional configuration as well.

Regardless of the array size, configuration, operating system or platform, our RAID recovery engineers can recover your data, even if all other means of data retrieval have failed. DiskDoctor Data Recovery always welcome RAID arrays that other data recovery companies have unsuccessfully attempted to recover data from. We receive such challenging RAID recovery cases quite frequently.

Most Common Raid Failures:

Common causes of RAID failures are mentioned below.

  • RAID controller failure
  • RAID configuration lost
  • Accidental reconfiguration
  • Accidental re initialization of the RAID array
  • Multiple drives failure
  • Missing RAID partitions
  • Reformatted RAID partitions
  • Virus Damage

RAID Recovery Process:

RAID recovery engineers at DiskDoctor Data Recovery treat every case as a priority. Once the server or drives reach our lab, our engineers will evaluate them thoroughly and find out the specific problems with the failed array.

In the evaluation process, we will determine whether the RAID has logical corruption or drives in the RAID array have suffered physical damage; or is it the combination of both.

In the case of logical corruption, our engineers will make a raw image of each drive onto DiskDoctor Data Recovery' storage media, and then destripe the array using proprietary tools (both software and hardware tools). This process can be repeated several times to improve the results.

In the case of physical drive damage, each drive will be taken to clean room and repaired, then a raw image will be taken, and the destriping process will be carried out on the array drives.

Is DIY a Good Idea in RAID Recovery?

Even when someone is technically savvy but not a professional data recovery engineer, attempting to take a shot at RAID recovery would be disastrous.

We do not recommend DIY in any case of RAID recovery, as quite frequently we have observed situations getting out of hand during DIY RAID recovery attempts to the point where future chances of data recovery become impossible. And in countless cases, DIY has worsened already crashed RAID conditions.

Can Rooky Help save Me Some Money?

Ordinary computer store technicians lack the specialized training, tools and experience required for sensitive RAID recovery operations. Taking your RAID server to a computer store for data recovery equates asking a nurse for brain surgery, as 99% of the computer stores' recovery capabilities are quite limited.

Failed recovery attempts by rookies will always multiply crashed RAID problems and dramatically increase the future recovery cost.

Always Get Professional Help for RAID Recovery:

If your data is important, then seeking professional from an established and highly regarded data Recovery Company with a proven track record is a must.

Within this industry, DiskDoctor Data Recovery have been rated as one of the best in the field of RAID data recovery and have performed thousands of mission critical recoveries successfully.

We encounter DIY fallout from customers and ordinary computer technicians almost daily; and always been able to salvage the data in most cases.

How Much RAID Data Recovery Would Cost?

We provide free RAID analysis. The recovery fees for crashed RAID arrays start at $1000 for a mirror set of two drives. For other RAID array configurations the recovery cost greatly depends upon the number of disks in the array, the RAID array type, individual disk size, number of failed disks in the array, along with many other variables that factor in while determining the cost to recover a failed RAID array system.

We strongly recommend getting in touch with one of our certified RAID experts to share the details of your failed RAID array in order to get a rough expense estimate for recovery. A firm recovery quote can be furnished only after thorough analysis of your failed RAID array in one of our labs. Emergency services are available 24/7/365 upon request.

Turn Around Time:

DiskDoctor Data Recovery applies all available resources to recover your valuable data as fast as possible. As every situation is different in RAID data recovery, delivery time and recovery cost cannot be determined until the drives / server is evaluated. The free evaluation is started as soon as we get the server or drives. Depending upon the condition and number of drives in a RAID server, evaluation will be done within 2 to 24 hours of receiving the media in most of the cases. A typical RAID data recovery turn-around time, including free evaluation, is usually between 3 and 7 days. Some cases of severe damage may take more time.

We also offer Rush Recovery Service on RAID servers. What that means is our RAID recovery engineers will work 24/7 applying maximum effort to finish the job as soon as possible; in many cases the very same day.

Why Should I Select DiskDoctor Data Recovery?

Our RAID recovery unit's capabilities are among the top 1% in the market. There are dozens of major manufacturers of RAID controllers; each applies unique algorithms to write / stripe data in different type of RAID configurations. We have a team of engineers who understand these algorithms inside out... have deep understanding of RAID-0,1,5,6 and other non-conventional configurations for that matter... and can easily reconstruct RAID arrays virtually using the member drives of a failed raid... without the help of parent controller cards... using highly advanced tools developed only for in-lab use.

Moreover, we also employ number of Adaptec Certified RAID recovery technician's in our team.

Anytime enterprise users need reliable, fast, technologically advanced, yet affordable RAID recovery services, they have chosen "DiskDoctor Data Recovery" repeatedly, as our services and success rate are second to none. We can almost always rescue your mission critical data from failed RAID arrays when others have thrown in the towel.

At DiskDoctor Data Recovery' "RAID Recovery Center", rescuing important data from failed RAID arrays is our sole mission. See for yourself what our customers have to say about DiskDoctor Data Recovery.

How to Contact DiskDoctor Data Recovery for RAID Recovery Help?

For immediate help Call DiskDoctor Data Recovery at 404-996-0507 now to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. We are eager to assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

Getting full understanding of your data loss situation is quite important; this is why we highly recommend that you call our customer service representatives and ask for RAID Recovery Experts.

Our RAID recovery support team is highly trained and will answer your questions in terms you will understand. To make things easier for you, we offer a number of contact methods for you to select.

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