Recovering Data Successfully

DiskDoctor Data Recovery have successfully rescued thousands of businesses from data Disasters.

DiskDoctor Data Recovery is the most sought after 911 center for crashed data storage devices. Our engineers are always busy rescueing businesses and end users strickened with drive crashes.

Most Frequently Encountered Devices

A short list of devices that frequent our labs in presented here.

Hard Drive Laptop MAC SSD RAID Arrays Virtual Machines NAS, SAN, DAS Tape Smart Phone Memory Card

We Understand The Time Sensitive Nature of Data Loss

Loss of critical data can place a business in extreme hardship, in many cases inflicting tens of thousands of dollar loss per day. To minimize negative impact of data loss, we offer three types of service turn around options as indicated here.


7-10 business days


4-6 business days


1-3 business days

Quality of the work, dedication and focus to acheive the success is never compromised regardless of the service type selected by our clients. The only difference between these service levels is the speed at which our team members strive to deliver successful results. And, we most often exceed our customer expectations.

In Lab or Remote Data Recovery Services

Wether you have a physically damaged drive or just a soft crashed drive, we can always help. When a drives electronics or electro mechanical componants give up working due to any reason, then inlab recovery is the only option. For other soft crashes, remote data recovery can be practiced to help save time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team works tirelessly to acheive success and put a smile on our client's faces. Here we would love to share a sample of our customers happy expressions about DiskDoctor Data Recovery team with you.

What we do?

We recover data from crashed drives, servers and many other data storage devices? (Servers = RAID Arrays, NAS, SAN etc).

What type of data storage devices we can recover?

We can recover all type of crashed hard drives, RAID Servers, tape backup with any type of operating system. We also recover flash memory cards or sticks, tape back up, CD, DVD etc.

Are there any drive diagnostic Fees?

There is no fee for drive analysis.

How long does it take to diagnose drive problems?

It can take 4-6 hours.

Can I get a recovery quote by email without sending you a drive?

Yes. Please provide us your contact and some details about drive/server and its condition. One of our tech. support staff members will send you a quote based on provided info.

How long it takes to recover a crashed hard drive?

It can take anywhere from couple of days to a week depending upon the nature of drive issues.

How much does data recovery costs?

Well, standard price of data recovery services for a single hard drive completely depends upon the nature of drive problem, but here are some standard price ranges for most typical recovery cases.

1: Hard Drive Recovery Standard Cost = ($400 - $1800) per drive.

2: RAID Server Recovery Standard Cost = ($500 - $1500) per drive in the RAID array. There could be 2 or more drives in a RAID array.

3: Memory Cards Recovery Standard Cost = ($200 - $750).

Do you provide expedited or rush services?

Yes we do. Exact recovery standard cost and recovery time involved could be provided only after thorough examination of the crashed drive or server.

How do you return recovered data?

We return recovered data on an external drive. standard price of data drive is added to the recovery standard cost.

Can I provide my own data drive?

Yes you can.

If you are unable to recover, would there be any minimum fees that you charge?

No recovery will result in zero fees except may be return shipping charges.

Would you provide me a list of recovered files & folders for review before I pay recovery fees?

Yes, we will provide list of files, folders for review before you pay any fees.

Client Testimonials

Our team works tirelessly to acheive success and put a smile on our client's faces. Here we would love to share a sample of our customers happy expressions about DiskDoctor Data Recovery team with you.

Thanks for your help. I was able to successfully restore many critical files from a corrupted hard disk. Your product saved me a great deal of time and trouble. Thank Your Very Much!

David Sauer

I wanted to extend my ultimate gratitude and thanks to you and your team. Not only did your company recover the data quickly and at half the price of other companies, everything was recovered and our office is back on track after the NAS failure. I really appreciate a company doing its business so well as DiskDoctor Data Recovery did; and will definitely sing your praises for all to hear. Excellent customer service all around. Thank you again!

Skylar Stoleson Director IT, TheDQTeamDOTcom

Many special thanks for your support in getting my drive issues handled. I am able to access all the files that were recovered. You guys are great!

thought I was missing a folder until I realized I was searching under the wrong folder name. I am happy! We are good and all is well!

Alice Arthur Minister, Motivational Speaker

What do you do when a power surge destroys your hard drive and you loose hundreds of hours of work, irreplaceable images, and your ability to complete jobs for clients with looming deadlines? My first instinct was to cry, then scream. My IT manager tried and failed to recover my data and recommended that I try a disaster recovery service. We went on line and called several companies, and when we reached the DiskDoctor Data Recovery, we knew we had found a company that could help us. I delivered my toasted hard drive to their Vancouver location late in the afternoon and by 6:30 am the following morning a representative had emailed me with a reassuring message and time line for the work. The following Friday I received one of the happiest calls of my life. My data had been completely recovered. I cried and screamed again, this time with joy! Over the last two days I have been thrilled, delighted, relieved, overjoyed and reassured by the fact that ALL MY DATA is once again accessible. DiskDoctor Data Recovery are now on my top-persons list and I am telling all of my colleagues about their services!!!

Sandy McKellar , B.Sc. (Forestry)

We would like express our satisfication and gratitude to DiskDoctor Data Recovery for their excellent service in recovering our data from our failed RAID5 unit.

When our RAID failed, the daily research of our group ground to a hault. We needed immediate help. First, we had to find out if it was even possible to get our data back and if so, at what cost? We searched the internet and got recommendations within the university that led us to the company receiving the most recognition and many references considered to be the "experts". It was DiskDoctor Data Recovery. DiskDoctor Data Recovery promised there would be no charge if the data was not 100% fully recovered. Other companies quoted a minimum charge of at least $500 to just look at the RAID unit and their estimates started at $2,900!

Soon after we sent our RAID to DiskDoctor Data Recovery, they got back to us with a very resaonable quote. They told us that it was highly likely they would be able to restore all of our data. We signed the contract with DiskDoctor Data Recovery with confidence because it clearly stated that there is "no charge if the data is not 100% recovered within the period of time stated in the quote". DiskDoctor Data Recovery was able to fulfill their promise and recovered and returned all of our data before their own deadline. Our whole research team was overjoyed to get back on track with our research without spending weeks trying to reconstruct what had been lost.

In reviewing the whole process, all of us agree that we really made the right choice to have DiskDoctor Data Recovery to help us. With DiskDoctor Data Recovery, we felt safe because our decisions were always under our control and we always knew what would happen because they kept us updated as to the status of the recovery.

Should we need help again for a similar situation, we will choose DiskDoctor Data Recovery. We will highly recommend DiskDoctor Data Recovery to other groups at the Univeristy if they need any help for disc drive recovery.

Deborah M. The Dynamics Group , Aerospace Engineering Science Department University of Colorado Boulder, CO, 80309

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note to your company for the speedy and professional work performed on our recent hard disk recovery. The files we needed were intact and accessible and will save our company a great deal of time and work. Thank you again for your assistance.

Shawn S., Baldwin & Lyons Inc.

I had a wonderful experience with Disc Doctors. I had an SD card with pictures from my vacation that were lost. After DiskDoctor Data Recovery worked very hard on it and didn't give up even after several tries, they were finialy able to retrieve the pictures. It meant alot since they are irreplacable. When the work was done, I got the picture CD the next day. DiskDoctor Data Recovery are prompt and hard working, get the job done and have good cutomer support. Thank you DiskDoctor Data Recovery for saving my pics! PS: Aziz, you rock!!!

Hawaa Almansouri , George Washington University

I want to thank you for saving my data and many hours of my work.

After my computer crashed I handed it over to my IT dept. They were not able to recover any data and I had a lot of data on the computer that was not backed up. DiskDoctor Data Recovery was able to miraculously get be ALL my data that I urgently needed for a customer engagement… and that too in just a few days.

I hope my computer never crashed on me again, and if it does I hope to have my data backed up. However, I know that sometime in life I will be back in the same situation and I know who to turn to.

I am a customer for life and would be happy to refer you to anyone unfortunate enough to have lost a lot of their data. In fact, I have already given your information to my IT dept.

M.H. , Retail Solutions

I am happy to report that my recent experience with DiskDoctor Data Recovery has been a very pleasant one. The service provided by Shahid was unparalleled. He not only made arrangements to do work over the holiday weekend but let me drop off and pick up the discs at his house, saving me an hour of drive each way.

The communication relating to the work was superb as well as the quality of the work performed. I will be very happy to recommend DiskDoctor Data Recovery to others and would especially recommend Shahid's services.

Max Gorelik., Senior Engineer/Partner, NSO Computer Technologies

Thank you Aziz for all of your help in this matter. The expertise that you and your team brought to the situation was extraordinary. I appreciate the direction, the calm approach and the methodical nature in which you handled our problem.

As you may or may not know, the system was moved without incident. However, we could have not done so in good conscious without the assistance that you provided..

Please know that because of this experience, you will be atop the preferred vendor list as we begin the endeavor of relocating our other data centers.

If you would be so kind as to extend my thanks to Sam as well, I would be grateful.

Brad Clark , Manager CIT, McKesson Corporation

My hard drive crashed leaving me without my critical financial information and research that is crucial to my business. After checking various vendors on the Internet, I chose DiskDoctor Data Recovery because of their level of service, and they far exceeded my expectations. Aziz Mirza, the manager of DiskDoctor Data Recovery in Norcross, GA, personally took charge of my account, quickly fixed the problems and returned my restored files within a week on a hard drive that I could return for an account credit. Throughout the process, DiskDoctor Data Recovery kept me informed, responded quickly to my calls and delivered my lost files quickly, efficiently and at an extremely fair price. I recommend them unequivocally.

Bruce Butterfield , President, The Forbes Group, Vienna, VA and Chicago, IL

Our company had a series of failures happen all on one particular day. First, the complete drive containing corporate financial information was deleted, as we began to try a simple recovery the second problem arose- the RAID controller began to fail and we lost the logical array. As we were trying to then just make an image of the drive, the drive began to quit on us, at random! We were at a loss of what to do. We contacted DiskDoctor Data Recovery Labs online near 10:30 pm and described the problem to them. They replied soon thereafter - and we arranged to bring our drives in the following day to the Alexandria VA office. The next day we took the drives to their offices and dropped them off. We were told that the assessment was free (and it was). Within 4 hours we had an assessment an quote for the recovery - which included a money back guarantee if we were not satisfied - and not payment due until delivery and our satisfaction. We opted for the most expensive "Emergency Service" and were told it could take up to 2 days.

It took only 24 hours!

Before we picked up the drives and recovered data DiskDoctor Data Recovery called us several times- to verify what type of service we wanted, and to make sure we knew of the charges involved, to provide us with a list of files recovered and to make sure everything was working to our satisfaction. At no point did we feel pressured, we always felt like we were being taken care of. They even responded immediately to our phone calls when the corporate executives wanted updates at odd times.

Finally, Shamim was our final point of contact as DiskDoctor Data Recovery, she is professional, skilled and has excellent customer relation skills. She responded quickly to my concerns and questions and was willing to spend time with me when looking at the files. Excellent job Shamim!

As the CTO of a corporation I can honestly recommend DiskDoctor Data Recovery. as the place to go for data recovery, if you want timely service, at reasonable rates, done in a professional manner, and with courtesy.

Thank you, Shamim and DiskDoctor Data Recovery Labs. , Derek F. Chief Technology Officer / TCA

I am, so far, successfully and happily accessing the data recovered from the crashed laptop disk. It has already saved me time at work today not having to redraft two documents.

Assuming that my partner accesses the info as well, we are very pleased with the data recovery you were able to do.

I want to say that you and your folks were VERY pleasant to deal with, and very prompt in the work and in sending the data back to me. I have told those here at WVU who tried to help me with the disk problem about your company, the good work, and most importantly, your very courteous people. Computer problems for me are usually simply painful -- you have provided me with a breath of fresh air, not to mention my family pictures, which are invaluable!

Thank you for being so pleasant to deal with.

Mary J. W, Ph.D.

Thank you for your quick and efficient response to our call after our server had crashed. DiskDoctor Data Recovery was able to quickly respond to our needs and to arrange for an overnight data recovery, even on Christmas Eve. We are very grateful for the quick turn-around time and the full delivery of all critical data as promised. Thanks to you we suffered no data loss and no down time. You and your team went beyond the call of duty to assist us.

K.W. , Attorney at Law"

That is incredible!!!!! I cannot thank DiskDoctor Data Recovery enough. All of the important folders appear to be there………

Bryan , USA Knit, Inc.

I would like to express my appreciation for your staff member, Ameen Mirza. In early September, a newly acquired facility of ours had a disk array crash in their primary server. The facility's most recent backup was from April of this year. Because this facility is a high-volume long term care pharmacy, a huge amount of data was potentially lost and would have to have been reentered by hand to comply with legal requirements. Several attempts were made on our part to restore the array, but we were unsuccessful. At one point, a staff member at the pharmacy initialized the array. I basically considered the data irretrievable, but felt we should make every possible attempt. And so we took the server to DiskDoctor Data Recovery, where we worked with Ameen Mirza.

Ameen was able to successfully recover the data, which included information from over 2.5 million prescriptions, including customer and billing records. During the entire process he was friendly, courteous, patient and professional. I would not hesitate to work with him again or to recommend him to other companies in need of data recovery services.

Thanks for your help in quickly recovering the data on my crashed laptop PC. I really appreciate your help.

Signed W. Loesch, COO

Dear Bobby, We want to thank you work you did in recovering the data from our damaged hard drive. You’re a life saver! You did a very effective job very quickly, recovered all the data, and made the whole process simple and painless for us.

We will certainly use your services in the future (for any other clients that choose to implement sloppy backup procedures) and recommend your firm to our collegues.

M. Wheatley CEO, Silicon Valley Systems

Dear Bobby: Thank you very much for the support in recovering my disk. It is a relief to hear that your team could recover my data completely. I cannot imagine if I could not have this service. Thank you


Dear Abbas, I’d just like to tell you how much I appreciate both your company’s response and your personal professionalism towards recovering my data. The data recovered was mission critical to us, and even though the two hard drives were found to be physically unresponsive, your team managed to extract the data intact. We at North American Health Care, Inc. are grateful to you. Keep up the good work!

Robert Thiriot Director of Information Technology | North American Health Care, Inc. | Office |

This is just a quick note to say thank you for the service I received through you from DiskDoctor Data Recovery. It was really a relief to recover all my data and easily load it via CD onto my new machine. Thanks for your help and answering all my questions.

G. Phillips Case No. CA10113

After a mechanical failure rendered our Vice President's hard drive unable to boot, we brought it to Bobby at DiskDoctor Data Recovery. Early the next morning we received a diagnosis of the hard drive confirming the unstable head disk assembly, along with a quote for data recovery.

We approved the recovery and Bobby notified us within a day that he was ready to transfer the recovered data onto the new drive we had purchased.

Prior to the data recovery we had worked with Hewlett Packard's technicians, who offered only to replace the drive. We then took the laptop to ComputerCare to see if they could boot the drive as a slave, then drag and drop our files onto a new drive. They were unable to do so, although they did install a new hard drive sent by HP. Although we have not yet seen the recovered data, we are thankful for the opportunity to salvage so

We're thankful to Bobby for his courtesy, expertise and professionalism, and would recommend his services to our colleagues.

CREEBRIDGE, INC ; P. Heldenbrand

Thank you very much for the recovery of RAID 5 array. Two drives failed on that unit at the same time and it put us in difficult position. You gave us updates on the recovery, and were also able to expedite the recovery as well. We will highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again for all of your help.

J. Moos Global Systems / Network Administrator, [email protected]

Dear Mr. Saith, I want to thank you for your prompt and effective response and successfully returning our lost data from our crashed hard drive. We were back run nung our applications within 5 minutes of copying the retrieved files back on to the new hard drive. Your services saved us many days of configuration and data re-entry.

I. Gonzales San Jose, CA 95110

In appreciation of the courtesies and help of Bobby saith during data recovery for this office, we want to thank you.

G. Noori, San Jose, CA 95110

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it has been do business with your company, in particular Shahid Khan of the Columbia , MD lab. He is a very personable and helpful man who patiently worked through my hard disk crash and provided me with the most excellent service possible. Although my "catastrophic" crash might not rank up there with big business, I am sole proprietor of a SOHO and loss of my data would have meant literally everything to me. Shahid not only recovered my files but did so in the most timely manner while making it a delight to work with him. I am extremely pleased with not only the results but the caliber of person you have working in your lab here.

S. Chenoweth , C Gems

Thank you very much for the work your company did on the recovery of my disc. We have over 700 forensic customers and I’ll be very happy to refer them to your services.

G. Fredericks , Manager, Avid Technology

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you and the rest of the DiskDoctor Data Recovery team for your support in recovering all my data. The new drive has been installed and my system is fully operational and back to its original state.

B. Letendre, Test Engineering Manager

Thanks, We'll get this back to you ASAP. Thanks for all your great service. Also to let you know, Mohammed Shehab in your Oak Brook location has been absolutely fantastic in providing service. Have a great Weekend!

R. Anderson, Integramedia

Thanks for the good work and patience. We are good to go I believe.

Bob, Facility Coordinator/Computer Specialist.

I just received it in the fax. Thank you ALL very much for your work!!! Dr. Brinkley is very happy.

J.M. Hom

Thank you very much for all your help. I recovered the data and now have all my files. A great service!!


I want to write to thank for excellent support that i received from you, Tony and Max at the San Jose site for the job reference # CA9263. Overall the services were wonderful. Most of the data recovered are exactly what we're looking for. I definitely refer DiskDoctor to my IT group. As a matter of fact, one of my team member just dropped off a hard drive to San Jose site for evaluation and quotation this morning.

V. Ha, System Administrator

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